Snack Shack Supervisors

Updated Tuesday July 9, 2019 by SLL.

Our Snack Shack is a source of revenue for our league, and something all of our families enjoy, both for the convenience of being able to grab a water or Gatorade before a game, a treat for the kids, team snacks, or meals for the whole family.  The money we earn helps keep our registration costs down and helps fund improvements to our facility.  In order to open, I must have a supervisor with a valid food handler’s card on the premises.


So, how can you help, and what does it take?  It’s actually super easy, and a lot of fun.  All you need to do is go to the website listed below to obtain a food handler’s card. It’s free to get one, and good for 3 years.  It’s really a common sense test about hand washing and food safety.  Once your card is in place, you will go through a quick training session on our equipment, and be provided a checklist of things to do during each shift.  Your job is to instruct our volunteers – let them know what they need to do, and let them do the work!  We will provide a manual to help you troubleshoot the machines if needed, monitor inventory levels, and answer questions.  At the end of the shifts, you pass out their checks.  A supervisor shift is typically 3-4 hours, depending on the day.


Without supervisors, the Snack Shack has to close, costing the league money and disappointing our families.  The more people we have, the less each one needs to do.  


If you are interested in becoming a Snack Shack Supervisor or have questions please contact Scott Corrigan at




If you have a food handlers card just provide us with a copy so we have it on hand.  

If you do not have a food handlers card you will need to take an online training course to obtain one.  It's free, and you can do it at your leisure. 

·         Go to

·         Click on "Basic Food Safety Training"

·         Click on "California"

·         Click on "Login/Register"

·         Once that page opens fill in your information.  

·         Our facility ID is SLLVCA.  You will enter this when it asks for the name of your Food Service Employer.  

After you have completed the training, and taken the test, you will be directed to a Pay Fee menu.  About half way down the page, there is a gray box that asks for the PO.  Enter SLLVCA again, and it will override the payment process.  


Once you are done the Director of Snack Shack will print your card and file it at the snack shack.  Please let us know when you are done, so we can verify that the results came through on our end.