Spring 2019 12-Year-Old Jacket Kids

Updated Sunday July 14, 2019 by SLL.

Congratulation Spring 2019 12-Year-Old Jacket Kids

James Adell

Gavin Allen
Brandon Blonstein
Troy Brady
Avery Davis
Chase Dem
Luka Dipaolo
Angel Escobedo
Deannie Fronk
Devin Gonor
Noah Gonzalez
Jaxon Harbour
Nathaniel Henerson
Abel Martin
Ryan Montoure
Evan O’Neil
Nick Pacella
Jacob Pazzo
Luc Porter
Kaeden Riepl
Quinton Riepl
Ricardo Rivera
Ethan Shmorak
Michael Toursarkissian
Vincent Venia
Paul White


These boys have played 7 or more consecutive Spring Seasons and/or 10+ consecutive seasons at Sunrise Little League.  This exemplifies what Sunrise Little League is all about – fun, growth, development and a continuing spirit of competition of commitment.  This is the last season these boys can participate at Sunrise.  We want to thank them for sharing these special years with us.  We will miss you.


Have a great season!!