2019-20 Board of Directors

UpdatedFriday September 20, 2019 byHeather Shmorak.

Sunrise Little League Proudly Announces our 2019-20 Board of Directors:

Sherry Arroyo

Patrick Bobillo

Steven Bornstein

Scott Corrigan
Ken Gaynor

Matt Hetrick
Steve Kaufman
Drew Lawrence
Jerry Lewis
Jose Mayorga
Alex Medina

Mike Nelson
Lou Pacella
Michael Thayer
Dan Tumpak
Leslie Weber



Thank you to all the candidates and the Nomination Committee



A Special Thank You to our outgoing Board Members:

Mynor Arroyo

Ben Charette

Rick Dem

David Gonor

Tina Miller

Reynaldo Perez

Tracy Riepl

Heather Shmorak